High Voltage Wire & Cable

Teledyne Reynolds has a rich history of developing custom, programme specific solutions. Please contact us and we will be in touch very soon.




From prototyping to high volume production we can support you with your engineered solutions and system integration enquiries.




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​Teledyne Reynolds' HiPureTM value-added wire is uniquely processed for applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and space instruments, that require ultra-high reliability and long life. This service provides tested high purity insulated wire that is free of voids and reduces the chance of insulation degradation due to partial discharge.

Teledyne Reynolds can apply the Hi/PureTM Low Corona Discharge Option to any new or existing PFA wire designs. The end products are ultra pure high voltage wires that are designed to operate in high vacuum applications requiring thousands of hours of reliability. 

These cables can be supplied on reels or as leads in connectorized high voltage cable assemblies. These wires are designed to meet the general requirements of specifications such as MIL-DTL-16878, MIL-W-22759, MIL-C-17, but in addition meet “higher level” performance required for low corona, high voltage applications. 

Unique processing and testing of these wires enables them to be used in low pressure applications such as in spacecraft or other vacuum systems.​​

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Custom Solutions

In the event that an off-the-shelf solution doesn't fit your specific high voltage interconnect needs, Teledyne Reynolds has a rich history of developing custom, programme specific solutions, including hybrid connectors and cable assemblies combining optics, signal and high voltage. This process is aided by a combination of solid modelling, E-Field simulation software and an internal model shop.

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