High Voltage Wire & Cable

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Teledyne Reynolds' Quiet LineTM High Voltage, Distributed Loss, RF Attenuation Cable [5-20 kV DC] is ideal for use in high and low voltage applications requiring suppression of undesired RF interference or EMI noise. Quiet LineTM cable achieves the suppression by surrounding the stranded conductor with a proprietary “lossy" insulation material, comprised of ferrite-powder filled silicone. Since traditional low-pass filters are no longer required, the benefits of Quiet LineTM come in the form of weight and space savings, while also simplifying circuit designs.

The stranded center conductor is surrounded with a “lossy” insulation material comprised of ferrite-powder filled silicone. This cable functions much like an inductive low-pass filter, where magnetic losses are dissipated and EMI absorbed. The ferrite in the insulation increases the cable’s inductance by concentrating the magnetic field. The increase in inductance, in turn, increases reactance which filters out high frequency noise. The cable’s attenuation characteristics increase with frequency and are directly proportional to cable length.

Our Quiet LineTM is excellent for use in any high frequency, high voltage application requiring the suppression of undesired RF interference or EMI noise. In addition, use of Quiet LineTM alleviates the need for a traditional low-pass filter circuit with standalone inductors and resistors that increase the mass and take up volume in the system. These attributes make Quiet LineTM​ an ideal solution in radar, telecommunications and electronic countermeasures. Other applications include filtering capacitive or inductive coupled noise.


In the event that an off-the-shelf solution doesn't fit your specific high voltage interconnect needs, Teledyne Reynolds has a rich history of developing custom, programme specific solutions, including hybrid connectors and cable assemblies combining optics, signal and high voltage. This process is aided by a combination of solid modelling, E-Field simulation software and an internal model shop.​

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