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A high performance range of flexible cable assemblies for all RF & Microwave applications.​​


When you need a general purpose, cost-effective test assembly that can be relied upon, you need a DuraTest™ assembly. It combines

  • The proven toughness of Teledyne Storm cable
  • Captivated stainless steel connectors
  • Proprietary Hard-to-Hurt™ strain relief technology.

This results in an extra durable, precision test assembly that has an average flex life of 25,000 flexures AND is guaranteed for one year.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended frequency SMA plugs
  • One cable for broadband testing
  • Reduces fatigue and maintains repeatability
  • Extends assembly life and reduces costs
  • Stainless steel connector bodies.

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Ultra low loss cable assemblies, for the ultimate combination of low loss, durability and value. High performance materials, careful attention to design detail and stringent process control yields a number of key features and benefits. Ultra low loss meets the challenging system gain or signal-to-noise requirements and the increased thermal stability meets the challenging system power or MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra low insertion loss over the specified frequency range
  • Excellent amplitude stability with flexure
  • Stable performance over operating temperature range
  • Increased shielding effectiveness
  • Greater connector retention.

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Design, test and production engineers will always need high quality, reliable, low loss cable assemblies, all with a long service life.

For the ultimate combination of low loss, durability and value the True Blue® range of cable assemblies have a well-established track record of providing the solution to a wide range of system and test applications. The assemblies are stable and robust for test and measurement applications. 

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent insertion loss characteristics.
  • Less prone to damage during handling and installation.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • QuadraForm shielding for low signal leakage.
  • High connector retention and cable assembly life.
  • A wide range of connector and armouring options.
  • Many standard assembly configurations are available from stock
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RF & Microwave test engineers often require high levels of phase and amplitude stability with flexure to ensure that calibration accuracy is maintained throughout the measurement process.

The Accu-Test® range of cable assemblies is stable and robust for test and measurement applications, where the highest levels of phase and amplitude stability with flexure are required. The Accu-Test® range provides exceptional performance for such applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Phase and amplitude stable with flexure
  • Crush and kink resistant armouring options
  • Longer service life
  • Ideal for comparative measurements
  • VNA test port connectors available.

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The highest performance for low loss, high power handling and phase stability with temperature. 

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low insertion loss
  • Increased power handling
  • MicroFormTM tape wrapped dielectric for increased phase stability with temperature
  • Reduced weight.

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Our Phase Master® Enhanced 190E has been developed to meet market demands for improved RF and mechanical performance where the application requires a cable assembly that offers a combination of phase stability and low loss, significant shielding effectiveness and increased durability.

Features and Benefits

  • Stability over temperature and flexure
  • Torsion Resistance
  • Connector retention in excess of 18 kgs
  • Multilayer shield construction
  • Mechanical durability.


  • Active scan radars
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Wireless communications
  • Test and measurement probe cables.

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The Storm Flex® Series offers superior mechanical performance in a trouble-free compact assembly.

Design and test engineers will find our Storm Flex® cables to be the ideal choice for solving many common application problems. With diameters of only 1.4mm, 2.4mm and 4.06mm a very high tensile strength outer braid and an ultra low profile sma straight plug, the Storm Flex® series is the miniature flexible cable assembly of choice for engineers.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates cable breakage associated with repeated handling of small flexible and hand formable cables
  • High strength conductors
  • Provides an alternative to semi-rigid cable by eliminating costs associated with time-consuming cable layout
  • High compression resistance and greater durability
  • Can be configured to solve tough packaging challenges.

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