Initiation & Ordnance

Teledyne Reynolds has a rich history of developing custom, programme specific solutions. Please contact us and we will be in touch very soon.




From prototyping to high volume production we can support you with your engineered solutions and system integration enquiries.




Our e-library of technical specifications and product data is available for you to download at your convenience.



We manufacture a complete line of EBW and EFI Firing Systems – designed to allow remote arming and firing of initiators and to ensure operator safety. 

FD201-2 – Contact Us For Further Information

Control module for use with all Teledyne EBW detonators, ideally suited for range applications:​

  • Battery powered
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Separate high voltage module (FM150)
  • External control and synchronisation
  • High Voltage metre
  • Coaxial output
  • Up to 1000m from charge
  • Delay function​

FD202  Contact Us for Further Information

Control module for use with all Teledyne EFI detonators, ideally suited for laboratory applications:

  • Requires external power
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Uses separate high voltage module (FM160)
  • Up to 100m from FM160​

FM150-2 – Contact Us for Further Information

Firing Module for use with all Teledyne EBW detonators:

  • Used in conjunction with FD201-2 Control Module
  • 4kv Firing Unit
  • Remote Arm
  • Automatic safing
  • Charged warning lamp independent of input supply
  • Rugged enclosure​

Firing Module for use with low voltage EFI detonators (LEEFI), ideally suited to laboratory applications:

  • Used in conjunction with FD202
  • Stripline output
  • Output voltage 1.5kV Output
  • Voltage monitor sockets

Single Channel Firing Modules Contact Us for Further Information

Single channel to Multiple output devices intended for a wide range of defence applications:

  • High degree of simultaneity
  • Battery powered
  • Portable
  • IP65 – Water resistant
  • Remote control unit for use up to 100m

Multi-Channel Control Modules – Contact Us for Further Information

Multiple output devices of up to 6 separate channels intended for laboratory use where multiple initiations are required to highly accurate timing control:

  • Each channel delay between 0.1µs and 99.9999ms
  • Up to 6 channels
  • Independent Arm on each channel
  • Each channel has independent 60V and 5V sync. Signals
  • Meter showing Armed voltage of each FM150
  • Separate high voltage module (FM150)

  • Tailored equipment to customer requirements
  • Single channel and multi-channel solutions available for a wide range of defence applications
  • For your exact requirements please contact the office​ for further details