Founded in 1948, Teledyne Reynolds leads the connector industry worldwide in the design of high voltage interconnects rated for use at voltages from 5 kV DC to 50 kV DC at altitudes of 70,000 feet (21.34 km) and above while exposed to temperatures as low as -55°C and up to 125°C.

We use state of the art manufacturing equipment and all of the products have full material and build traceability to meet all customer requirements. During manufacturing, products are subjected to rigorous in-process checks and final inspection testing. These manufacturing and quality policies and procedures are the result of over 65 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high voltage interconnect solutions for the most demanding aerospace and defence applications.

Accordingly, Teledyne Reynolds' high voltage wire, cable, single pin and multi-pin connectors are known for their reliability in harsh environments, their small size compared to other manufacturer's interconnect designs for the same voltage rating and their outstanding quality. These products, reflect the legacy of Teledyne Reynolds' strong commitment to engineering, quality and customer service. 

Supporting customers through six core product groups

High Voltage Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Both single pin and multi-pin configurations with ratings from 5 kV DC to 50 kV DC from sea level to 70,000 feet (21.34 km) with some designs rated for use in the harsh environment of Space.  

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High Voltage Wire & Cable

Six decades of experience to create wire products rated to up to 60 kV DC – far superior in performance, size, mass and flexibility to what is available from the traditional wire market.

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High Energy Devices

A range of high voltage Spark Gaps and Mica Capacitors designed to exhibit exceptional and stable performance in extreme aerospace and military environments. 

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RF & Microwave

Working with our sister company, Teledyne Storm, we offer a range of custom and catalogue specified flexible, semi-rigid and rigid RF and microwave cable assemblies operating to a maximum of 50GHz. Teledyne Storm has been providing high quality interconnect products and cable assemblies to domestic and international defence and telecom markets since 1978.

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Initiation & Ordnance

A highly specialised area of expertise is our initiation and ordnance range of capabilities and products. Providing highly accurate and reliable single and multi-channel timing and response electronic safety modules for trials and land equipment systems.

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Teledyne Reynolds offers custom designed and catalogue specified high voltage cable assemblies, connectors and wire for payload and launcher applications. 

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Across a number of industries

Communications – ​​We have the experience and capabilities to provide RF & Microwave and Fibre Optic solutions to interconnect requirements in the challenging market of Communications.​

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Defence – Our capabilities and skills are vital in the military market sector to provide the performance and reliability levels that fighting forces rely on. The in- house designers have a long and successful record of providing total cable solutions for numerous programmes.

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High-end Industrial – ​Our capabilities are a perfect fit for certain high-end industrial customers, for example those that design and manufacture e-beam inspection equipment used in semiconductor wafer manufacturing.​

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Medical – The world of medical electronics is a fast growing, fast moving environment which needs the responsive capabilities of a flexible, understanding partner to produce the vital cable assemblies needed in this industry.​

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Oil & Gas  We provide a range of components and assemblies to meet the specialised needs of engineers working in this demanding industry.​​​

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Space  We are proud to be a preferred high voltage, cable assemblies (HVCA) provider for SPACE applications as well as the extreme environmental conditions associated with deep space. We offer interconnect solutions for both single pin and multi-pin applications. ​
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Test and Instrumentation – ​​Whether providing cables for instruments in a laboratory with crushing and abrading risks or in an outdoor environment where there are rough surfaces, mud, water, dust and fluids to contend with, we will engineer a cable assembly to meet harsh working environments and provide performance over life in keeping with user expectations. 

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Our key strengths

  • Global company with extensive commercial experience
  • Specialists in custom design
  • High volume and low volume/prototype manufacturing
  • Value added engineering solutions
  • Design of multifunctional modules, and highly integrated assemblies
  • Design and manufacture of high-end products
  • Automated testing capabilities
  • Clean room with ESA qualified operators.​​